Harmonics 18


" …We worry, fret, and sweat!"

So much of our energy is used on the above when we are facing "perceived" locked doors. Then we feel drained and tired.  The cycle is repeated again and again.  But maybe just maybe, too of of this energy drainage is due to our own "prisons" we’ve constructed in our minds, consciously or unconsciously.  And since we’re operated like this for so long, we’ve forgotten how to simply do a quick check, test and experiment with opening the doors. Too often, we don’t even try to make an attempt for fear of failure.

But as followers of Jesus, we are called to take risks … sure at times more calculated risks than other times but "risking" is part of our DNA. And we do so because we follow the ONE who took a massive risk of walking amongst us, dying for us, and overcoming death, sin and the devil through his resurrection! It’s one sentence worth to unpack, but it’s an important reminder of whom do we belong to, who do we emulate, and who empowers us.

I can almost hear some background noise .. "But what if …" , "It’s complicated..", "it’s not so simple ..", "there are so many variables …", and so on.  We don’t have to deny there could be and are "locked" gates.  But it doesn’t hurt to make new attempts …  just do it… and see what happens!

* * *

It’s hard to keep our eyes focused on Jesus, when the waves and wind around us feel so overwhelming. Walking on water is not the norm.  Walking to Jesus and walking with Jesus is not the norm too. In fact, from the perspective of what’s seen as normal it’s impossible! But from the perspective of faith, it’s amazingly possible, it’s also wonderful!

All like Peter can walk on water, as we look up to Jesus and allow his magnetic presence draw us to him and keeping us afloat.  And he doesn’t call us after the wind and the storms subside, he seems to specialize in calling us especially when our surroundings is most challenging.

Do you feel you are facing the onslaught of stormy winds and crashing waves? It’s a good time now, to lift up your head and keep your eyes on Jesus … open your heart and hear his voice calling cutting through the distorted noises of unrealistic and misguided demands. Pick up the Bible and read a passage from the Gospel, put yourself into that world, and see how the Spirit will show you how he works in the same way in the pages of the stories of Jesus and his disciples, as well as the pages of our stories with Jesus today.

* * *

These harmonics vibrated from August 1 – August  5, 2008

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