and we also read.

I stumbled upon "and we also read." because of the Read While Waiting Project.

The next thing I know, I’m chipping in some of my pictures and thoughts 🙂 and of course, made some new friends. 

Below are my contributions thus far …

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Into Thin Air … KL Sentral, Aug 23

This is my friend who sat beside me for a good more than 15 minutes for the Reading While Waiting Project. He was on the way to another appointment but then called me up, and said he’d join us first.

Perhaps, reading the book in his hand contributed to the last minutes adventurousness? 🙂 Metaphorically, I do think reading does open up the mind to unlimited adventures.

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From KL Sentral to Pudu Raya

Nope, he was not at KL Sentral to join the Reading While Waiting Project. But he did it anyway!

This pakcik ("uncle") was reading while waiting before heading off to start work at Pudu Raya.

Nothing beats reading the good old newspaper, right? 🙂

*Update from Sivin: Apologies to all … perhaps I was overexcited. The focus should be on books, not on newspapers or magazines. Thanks Ari for the reminder! I will leave the post on though at least for the pakcik’s gaya! *

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3 Kids and a Book, Westin Hotel, July 12

What do you do before the doors open for the wedding dinner to start?
How about sitting on the floor and read while waiting?

This is what three children did on 12 July 2008 Saturday. It started with one, then another joined and one more!

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junior reader, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, August 18

His father happily reports that he’s inherited the tendency to "bring along some reading material" anywhere he goes. He is visiting his grandfather in the hospital, asked for a chair, "and the rest was automatic."

This awesome junior reader was spotted by SivinKit, and I’m posting this on his behalf. If you have any you spotted, email them to me at dizzyfirefly (gmail).

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