Random Links 283 ("Post By-election" Malaysia Edition)

Permatang Pauh: What BN leaders say

A classic "you did not lose, and I did not win" kind of reaction 🙂

Merdeka comes to Permatang Pauh, Anwar on his way to Putrajaya?

Susan Loone’s blog was another favorite of mine for this by-election.

Rise of PP voters as pioneers of Bangsa Malaysia generation shaming Umno, MCA, Gerakan, MIC leaders for their race politics

A very excited YB Lim Kit Siang cheering on.

Malaysia Today blocked! Order from MCMC

But MT moves here … for a while.  How about sites like this?

16 September beckons…

Wow, Anil has got stamina to blog on and gives us a bonus piece:

Victorious Anwar on path to power

Then Anil did get some honest feedback below 🙂

My “disgusting” coverage: Blogger crackdown looms?

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