Merdeka 2008: A Restoration of Hope

On the 12 – 13 September 2008, a group of friends and fellow pilgrims on the journey have decided to bring our minds and hearts into a common focus. You are invited to join us along the way.


It’s not often we have Roman Catholics and Protestants having a good time of interacting together at this level in Malaysia.  Then again, we are not authoritative personalities 🙂 we’ve come together out of our faith in Jesus Christ, authentic friendships and a common focus towards moving forward together, even in small baby steps.


Here’s what we plan to do … ambitious? Well, better jump first, fear later.  We’ll never know unless we try … why not? right? 🙂


Let me know if you can come …

P.S. Thanks to Kevin Thomas from Twentyfivecents for another excellent design.

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