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September 2008


Random Thoughts Before Parenting Responsibilities


I miss doing these random thoughts.

Monday is better today.  I still have not done the weekly review yet.  But I’m moving there in small steps.

Ambient Music has been helpful for me to reengage in more intentional centering.  Silence is good, but I realize for someone like me, I need to gradually enter into it.

A quick conservative count showed me I’m wearing at least 15 hats at different times and various spaces. That’s a lot … especially when each hat has a decent amount of expectations.

Commitment is rare these days.  Consistency is often missing. Compassion is very much lacking too.  Conflicts abound.  Confusion lurking it’s head all the time. And yet, we slog on no matter what.

Keeping a journal does wonders for me.  The moment I’m off track or the pages are empty it’s a clear sign I’m center is off too. Once the pages fill up, then one knows the uncluttering process is in place, the internal defragmenting is being maintained, and the heart is warmer, the head is cooler, and the hands are freer!

Got back to some slower reading on Saturday.  I always start many books without finishing them.  My interests are simply to varied and I’m easily distracted.  And yet, the joy of finishing a book and the fulfilment it brings draws me back to focus on one or two which I neeed, and the allow for another one to be bed time reading, some for toilet reading or waiting reading ­čÖé and occasionally re-reading an older book.

It’s never just about reading, it’s space and attention to reflect, review and respond when the inner being is stirred, and the brain juices are bubbling!

And now off to two bubbling kids after school!

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