Short “Remember September 13” Vigil in Bukit Aman (Updated with Vimeos)

“Suara Rakyat” at Remember September 13 Vigil at Bukit Aman from Sivin Kit on Vimeo.

It was short, peaceful and necessary. Reform and change needs to be initiated at all levels. All of us can play a part. I agree with RPK’s wife Marina that maybe because it was held at Bukit Aman, some may have had second thoughts of joining the vigil led by Anti-ISA Movement (GMI). It’s a genuine fear.

But then, it’s a choice one makes to make a stand, and to be in solidarity with those affected, while one might want to be cautious, but we need to have courage too. It’s an inner battle we will never stop fighting!



Here’s something from Merdeka Review:


现场群众不理会警方的警告,开始围成一圈,点起蜡烛,一起高唱人民之声(Suara Rakyat)。现场估计,有超过150人在现场给于支持,包括随后赶至现场的人群。

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Vigil at Bukit Aman stopped by police

It was non-violent and not extreme in emotional expression, people were mature, why so serious until it needed to be stopped? People were even told to snuff out the candles.

When the protestors marched to the nearby car park to disperse, the police followed them and repeatedly ordered the crowd to disperse and to put out their candles.

As the protestors were still at the nearby butterfly park, one police officer told the journalists present to leave the place.

“They are still here because of you, if you leave, they will leave, please,” said the police officer who refused to comment further on the vigil.


Candlelight protest in Bukit Aman lasts 12 mins

I think it was more than 12 minutes, but the amount of time is less important than the support given.

“I’m here in support of the demands for the release of (blogger) Raja Petra Kamaruddin and (Seputeh MP) Teresa Kok and to express dissatisfaction with their arrest and that of (Sin Chew Daily journalist) Tan Hoon Cheng.

“I’m dissatisfied with draconian laws such as ISA,” 21-year old journalism student Puteri Shezana Megat Abdul Karim (left) told Malaysiakini.

The three individuals were arrested yesterday in separate operations consisting of police teams from Bukit Aman.

“We’re frustrated with a government that refuses to allow anybody to express their dissatisfaction or their demands or right to know what is happening. They’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

“The government needs to stop treating its citizens as children. We know what we want, and this is why we’re having this protest here,” she added.

Remember September 13 Candlelight Vigil “Negaraku” Moment from Sivin Kit on Vimeo.


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