BLC Kids strike again …

I’m glad Gareth managed to do the whole presentation.  He told me he wasn’t into dancing. He prefers drawing and reading.  But after the anniversary event today, he mentioned he wouldn’t mind doing it back at The Father’s House (BLC Premises) 🙂

Elysia who’s the little girl in the middle is a different breed altogether.  She loves dancing and using sign language etc.  She does it with much passion and focus. As her father, I just love watching her perform, and I can watch these video clips over and over again.

I can see  the boys had fun . as much as the girls.

I think the parents were pretty happy with the “combined parent’s appreciation” song they did inclusive of a heart shaped balloon! I was happy to get mine .

Back to Gareth, we had a little chat in the car when we reached home.  He wanted to try recording me on video.. the results has it’s twists and turns.

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