One key themes that I find myself working hard the last 8 years especially since the rebirth of Bangsar Lutheran Church is  to help fellow Christians and human beings get them to a place where  people will take responsibility for their lives. It’s been tough, because when someone does not take responsibility it reflects a skewed view of themselves, the world around them, and of course, who is God and what is expected from him and from us.


It’s scary at first to let those strings go . and yet, it may also be a true road to freedom.

Of course, this idea of choice has the danger or making our whole existence over burdensome as well.  Especially when  we feel the world maybe caving in on us. But this is where, the idea of RESPONSE-ability is part of the equation. As one who believes in the possibility and the reality of relating to God in some way, our choices are now in the context of an ongoing conversation with God in heart and mind, expressed through all the means available to us.

It’s no longer about strings attached, and feeling our lives orchestrated without any of participation from us. But now, it’s more like opening our minds, and opening our inner being to RESPOND to the still small voice of God, the gentle breeze of the Spirit and the leadership of the resurrected Christ.

The dynamic of this way of life is fascinating, freeing, and in most cases while not ignoring the frustrating aspects, more fun.

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