The 9th Session General Conference, Methodist Church, Malaysia – Press Release

All my room mates in my four years of seminary confinement 🙂 were from the Methodist Church. One of them now have joined me in the Lutheran Church but that’s another story.

It’s one of the bigger protestant denominations in Malaysia, maybe it’s second to the Roman Catholic Church.  I’ll need to check that. Anyway, they had a big gathering of leaders last week and now shares with the world their concerns and affirmations.


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Press Release from:

The 9th Session General Conference, Methodist Church, Malaysia.

The Methodist in Church Malaysia held her 9th Quadrennial Session of the General Conference at Kota Kinabalu from 15-20 September 2008. 100 delegates and staff from the six annual conferences in Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak gathered in conference with guests and Bishops from regional Singapore and Indonesia, the UK, Australia and the USA. During the conference, the current Bishop Dr Hwa Yung was re-elected for another term of four years. In his episcopal address the Bishop challenged and called the church to practise scriptural holiness and to transform the nation. While deliberating on the mission of the church and her strategies for the next quadrennial, the conference also expressed with deep concern some of the issues that continue to plague the nation, calling for earnest prayer and considered action thereof. The issues include –

  1. The economic and political uncertainties.
  2. The socio-ethnic polarisation and schisms.
  3. Rampant corruption at all levels in both the public and private sectors.
  4. Delayed reforms of the Judiciary and the restoration of its integrity and independence.
  5. Escalation of crimes and increased concerns on the integrity and dependability of law enforcement agencies.
  6. Infringements on the land rights of some of the indigenous peoples.
  7. Unlawful arrests and detentions under the oppressive Internal Security Act
  8. Ineffective measures to arrest the deterioration of education standards.
  9. Exploitation of the weak, the poor, migrant workers, the stateless, children and women.
  10. Erosion of freedom of religion as guaranteed in the Federal Constitution.

The Methodist Church reaffirmed her mission to “Spread Scriptural Holiness, Transforming the nation” and to this end, she reaffirmed her commitment to

  • reach out to the needy and the oppressed through social, medical and educational services
  • uphold truth and justice and support all agencies that strive towards such end
  • pray for peace and harmony, political stability; economic prosperity, poverty eradication, literacy advancement and the prevailing of righteousness, mercy, truth and justice in our nation.

The Methodist Church In Malaysia

23rd September 2008

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