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It’s exciting to see new developments in BLC Online almost everyday. The latest one is our attempt to make the site beyond providing mere information and be more resourceful.


The act of spending time with God, reflecting on what’s going on around us and then re-focusing back on God is what we mean when we say devotions or prayer. It could be a time of quiet reflection, a chat with God, a recited text that celebrates faith, a shared insight, a reading from the Bible and more. These are all ways that one can intentionally and meaningfully deepen one’s personal relationship with God.

As we are all different and each have a unique relationship with God, there is no one-size-fits-all method of devotion that will work for everyone. It would also be true to say that no one method would be suitable all the time. Therefore feel free to experiment until you find the right time of the day, length of time and method that helps you feel connected to God.

Collected here are some ideas as well as resources that can help you get started on your own devotional and prayer life.

Devotional and Prayer Methods

Getting Started With Prayer

A short article with some thoughts about what Jesus said prayer was and how we can get started with the practice of regular prayer and devotions

Martin Luther On Prayer

Martin Luther shared his method of prayer with his barber when the latter asked him how he prayed

Lectio Divina

An ancient practice where through reading, reflecting, responding and resting in the Scriptures, one’s relationship with God is nourished and deepens

The Examen

The Examen is a practice where we try to find the movement of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives as we reflect on our day

Devotional and Prayer Resources

Daily GodPause

Short, meaningful reflections based on Scripture readings from the Lectionary for the coming Sunday

Upper Room Daily Devotional

A daily devotional to encourage people to spend time with God each day through prayer, scripture reading, and meditation

Devotions from ELCA

A collection of daily and weekly devotions compiled by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Sacred Space

An prayer site with daily reflections based on the Revised Common Lectionary

Sacred Gateway

A 10 minute interactive experience of the reflections from Sacred Space that invites you to spend time in God’s presence

The Online Labyrinth

A mixture of rituals and visuals, of contemplative words and contemporary ambient music, of symbols and media to help guide your encounter with God

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