Random Thoughts before I finish the cup of water


Potato chips . I think I had an overdose last week . but it was good! 🙂

Haven’t been in much of a blogging or writing zone the past week.  Perhaps it was the holiday season. But then I didn’t really manage to have a mental holiday, especially with a last minute meeting moderator assignment, and some travel on the highway.

I got really angry today.  While money is not everything, but how one asks for it reflects more on the person than the one being asked from.

In short, I don’t like blackmail . not matter how much spiritual lingo you use.  If it’s blackmail, it’s blackmail.  I think taking the name of the Lord in vain is serious business.  And I don’t want to be part of a process and system which perpetuates this kind of thinking.  Shame on us is we use such tactics!

Physically, I’m weaker these days.  While I was in Melaka, I was reminded again on the need to do more exercise.  Okay, I will aim one day at a time.  😛

Am I growing more impatient as I age?

Ouch . I just got a call asking on our response for a fundraising event . at least it was not pushy. 

Strange why money matters have come to the forefront of this post when I merely started with potato chips.  But since it’s so much part of our lives, I guess we cannot ignore it.  Sadly, the abuse of money and the values surrounding it’s abuse is getting more and more blatant.

Aiyo . I’m still upset. Breath in, breath out, breath in breath out..

I’m going to redirect my focus on the kids especially as I can see Gareth getting excited about turning 6 tomorrow. This year the steps towards tomorrow has been surprisingly delightful.

“Many tasks” this was the word which shimmered for me this morning… Lord have mercy.

Hope these random thoughts will kick start me back to some decent blogging together with some disciplined writing especially my part-time-always-get-stuck Masters module!

Gulped last bit of the water. Sayonara!

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