Micah Monday: Lighting the fire again …

The Micah Mandate had a surge of input immediately after the high profile ISA arrests, then there was a brief cooling off period.  But now, we are gradually returning with new stuff. to keep the candle burning!


Conversation with Edward Ling by Sivin Kit
I met Edward Ling at numerous Christian university and youth leadership related events in the past. So when I discovered he was the campaign manager and later political secretary for Hannah Yeoh, I was curious as to what led him to where he is today and what makes him tick as he has taken a conscious plunge into party politics through the Democratic Action Party (DAP).
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For whom the bell tolls By Bob Teoh
This morning I arrived at the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court for the RPK sedition trial. However, the case was postponed to 11 and 12 November. This is my second time there. I was not there to cover his case as a journalist but to show my support for RPK, his wife Marina and his family and to stand alongside all those who believe in the cause of justice.
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Two Paths of Obedience by Goh Chee Leong
I think all of us as Christians agree that our responsibility above all things is to follow where God leads us. We all believe in divine guidance, even though there may be differences in how God chooses to communicate this guidance to us. The more difficult challenge of course is not discerning His will but having the strength to submit to His call when it is revealed.
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