Love Divine: Set the Captives Free

What a surprising little discovery last night. I love it when they provide the stripped down acoustic versions of their music 🙂 And there’s more ..


The thing that drew me was more of the connection between their worship with social action which I feel is severely lacking in a lot of our contemporary worship music. And in Malaysia, it’s usually dominated by one or two labels and trends.  I confess, I’ve always had a soft spot for the more intimate and raw Vineyard stuff.  So, it’s nice to stumble on this last night.

There’s a lot of songs I find workable in the BLC setting. As we close the year, and move forward to 2009 I get the sense that we are still very much reworking out our identity as a worshipping community.  This will then overflow into who we are as a serving community. Too often these two dimensions tend to get polarized in the Church and our Christian consciousness . but it does not have to be that way.

Anyway, here’s what they say on their website:

Love Divine (set the captives free) was recorded in Hull and was released on 22nd May 2007, 200 years after the abolition of the slave trade by Hull-born Parliamentarian, committed Christian and MP for Hull, William Wilberforce.

Despite the formal abolition of the slave trade it still continues today. Vineyard Records UK is proud to be a member of the Stop the Traffik coalition, part of a global call to end the injustice of people traffiking. As Christians, we need to speak out against this heinous crime that is occurring all around us. We can join with others in petitioning governments to act, speak out about it in our churches, schools and places of work. But what we can’t do is ignore it. Visit the stop the traffik link to find out more.

Stop The Traffik - -

Taking the place of the CD-ROM section of the album this online resource gives us the space to bring your more content. With access to over an hour of video footage, backstage photos and downloadable chords and melody lines to bring these songs into your worship team. This site is so much more than a CD-ROM could be.

Here’s 2 videos .

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