Malaysian Politics & A New Kind of Humanity

To be fair to Alwyn he did post first but it was focused on his own presentation and the feedback from it  . Read on.

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It was, from the start, unlikely that many would find the below presentation totally agreeable, but I appreciate the feedback nevertheless (from ROH Merdeka 2008 participants and non-participants alike).

Some responses raised to the idea that peace-making, reconciliation and forgiveness must be the Church’s defining role (in politics and all domains of life) included:

  • Jesus has many facets, not merely the suffering/dying one e.g. His Temple action
  • The Church also has a prophetic role to play i.e. Christians have a responsibility to rebuke the world as the Biblical prophets did
  • "Love thy enemy" doesn’t apply to societal/institutional evil (e.g. we are not called to love apartheid)
  • One doesn’t tell an abused wife to ‘love her husband’
  • The book of Revelations was filled with tirades against Rome (e.g. it labeled Rome a beast)


A good friend even said that whilst he wouldn’t mind inviting Ahmad Ismail (who made racist remarks against Malaysian Chinese) to dinner, he would also call UMNO to fire him.

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