Random Links 297 (“Midnight” Malaysia Edition)

Re-elected Malaysian bishop urged Methodists to spread holiness

Interesting to see a statement like this apart from the normal instruments of  conveying Christian positions on social-political concerns like the Council of Churches Malaysia or the Christian Federation Malaysia.

God doesn’t require us to succeed; he only requires that you try – Mother Teresa

wow .. Mother Teresa gets quoted! Then we need to heed the call .

Nik Aziz and his cheap, plastic BIC ballpoint pen


Blog reader Zack adds:

Nik Aziz was once ask why he did not press the BIC ballpoint pen hard on to the paper when signing documents. His simple answer was that it was to save ink! This man is a rare breed and one in a million.

The Poverty of Riches and the Riches of Poverty

Farish Noor returns . one pen does make a difference .

Johor activist arrested under ISA

Another sad news for the evening .

Poof! There goes judicial reform

Distracting or depressing? Different reactions are expected . so much is going on at the same time.

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