Micah Wednesday: Giving Up Isn’t An Option

Slow and steady . updates are coming. I think I might chip in more this week if what I planned for the next two days come to pass!! 🙂


Giving Up Isn’t An Option By katrina/jorene/kat/treena
What may be the last leg of this long journey starts next week: mom’s appeal at the High Court resumes (starts?) on the 28th of Oct. The appeal will be heard until the 30th of Oct, followed by the next hearing dates from the 24th – 28th November ’08. The judge has expressed that he’d like to give judgment by the end of 2008.
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Who Killed Y.B. Josephine? By Bob Teoh
In a simple piece of fiction – Politik Baru Y.B. J – published in Mingguan Rusuhan (12 Oct), Datuk C. W. paraded his skills at using what is known as the life-imitating-art genre.
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Game’s Up, Gani, Time To Go! by Martin Jalleh
Lady Justice haunts and hounds Bolehland’s Attorney-General (AG) Abdul Gani Patail over his hidden hand in Anwar Ibrahim’s trials 10 years ago. The skeletons in his cupboard hang out. He can no longer hide behind the skirt of the Executive. The naked truth has caught up with him.
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Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi is the new Chief Justice by TK Tan
Is Zaki a suitable person for the highest position in the judiciary? What judgements has he made in the past that will help us know if he is a good judge? Where does he stand on key articles of the constitution? Will he be able to help improve the performance of the judiciary?
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