BLC’s 1st Friday Alternative Worship Gathering

When? November 7, Friday 8PM (tonight!)

Where? The Father’s House (BLC premises)

012 017

I’ve always struggle with naming blog posts, sermon titles for sermons so when it came to this idea of starting this once a month Friday worship gathering at BLC, I went with Alternative worship (partly because of the Alternative Worship website) until we come up with something better.

We started on September 5 with the theme on “Freedom” since it was around the Merdeka and Malaysia Day season. Last month, October 3 did a more Lectio Divina based liturgy with the theme “Be Still!”. Tonight, we will hover around the theme of “Change”. We currently have met on every 1st Friday of the month .  (so the blog post title is interpreted not as this is our first gathering, but it’s on 1st Fridays!:-) )

Right from the beginning, I felt it was important for the worship gathering to be simple without being simplistic.  There’s no fancy worship band, and charismatic speaker to preach a sermon, it’s small gathering thus far not more than 15-20people.

The ingredients for corporate worship and liturgy is present with the reading and meditation of Scripture, personal and corporate prayer, silence and space for reflection, some sharing or responsive activity.  The goal is not so much to get more input rather than creating space together to allow the raw material of our lives encounter the one who genuinely cares for our wellbeing.

To me it’s also important to note while we may all come from different phases during the week and even life stage (and faith journey), the Holy Communion segment reconnects us with God and also one another . and before we end a gentler reminder of our mission to the world.

I’m happy to see the basic outline for tonight which I will call “Liturgy of Change”.  I think an often missing component in all our talk for “change” whether in the marketplace,  government or environment is the place for authentic spirituality which gives us a center as we work towards the betterment of these spheres

It’s hard work, and it’s tiring, and it’s draining . and as a follower of Jesus, I’m reminded to draw from resources which will cool my head, warm my heart and strengthen my weak hands .

Corporate worship is one way where we can do this together ..

This once a month Friday Alternative worship’s humble beginnings was simply meant for those for whatever reason could not join us on Sundays (which aims to do the same thing but with a different format). I noticed that some people have come because there was a need to have a different worship format so they can move out of the routine. Others needed another time for prayer and may find doing it with others and some guidance more helpful. 

For me, we always come just as we are and be open to where the Spirit might lead us.  I trust the Spirit’s leadership . 🙂

On a personal level, I’ve found the alternative worship gathering good for me too . it’s more “slow motion” for someone like me who’s always on the “fast lane.”

Funny, I joke with people that 8 years ago I had the privilege to start (or restart) with others a church that I would like to go to. 🙂 It’s kind of the same for this Alternative Worship gathering too .  (A bonus is there Holy Communion three times a month for two Sundays and one Friday which I increasingly see as a good thing!)

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