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I’m slowly settling down after quite an eventful evening last night. It’s good to be with family right now.  More precisely, the dynamic duo Gareth and Elysia.  Ewan is asleep.  Synergizing with the surge of blog activity here, the Micah Mandate also tried to chip in.

A more reflective mode usually settles in after the frustration! 🙂


Negaraku: PJ Anti-ISA Vigil Remembers The BERSIH Rally (2) By Sivin Kit
The problem with Malaysian mainstream media like this report from the Star is the selective reading and interpretation of events (some might even say spinning) which is utterly disappointing! (it makes one wonder whether they even had a journalist there as a eyewitness of the events ..
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Negaraku: PJ Anti-ISA Vigil Remembers The BERSIH Rally (1) By Sivin Kit
I thought Sunday evening would end with a celebrative and a sober mood in the light of the release of RPK and the cause of abolishing the ISA, and remembering the unforgettable demonstration of the people’s voice in last year’s BERSIH walk ..
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Anatomy of An Illegal Assembly By Bob Teoh
While we are still caught up in the euphoria that the world is going to change for the better following Barack Obama’s victory, what I had witnessed last night tells me otherwise. In Malaysia at least ..
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