NegaraKu: PJ Anti-ISA Candlelight Vigil and BERSIH One year Anniversary Part 1

I thought Sunday evening would end with a celebrative and a sober mood in the light of the release of RPK and the cause of abolishing the ISA, and remembering the unforgettable demonstration of the people’s voice in last year’s BERSIH walk .

The first “original” planned gathering forced to be at Amcorp Mall entrance gives us a glimpse the evening earlier and ended with the crowd singing heartily our national anthem. Many went home after that, others who were late joined the remaining few who headed to the PJ Civic Centre park. The second rendition of the “NegaraKu” (translated “My Nation” from Bahasa Malaysia) didn’t have the chance to finish properly.

Malaysiakini had the fastest report here saying Police disperse crowd, 24 arrested, Malaysiainsider turned minimalist here with a muted title Opposition reps detained at Bersih rally . Anil Netto again gives us on the ground citizens reporting here LIVE: Pandemonium erupts as police charge into crowd which has the title which captures the essence of what happened

A picture is worth a million words, A video is worth a billion! So, these two videos sent to me below are worth a fortune . or maybe it really reflects the true “poverty” in our nation. How can one’s heart not break when uncalled for aggression was used on peace-loving patriotic Malaysians singing the national anthem?

The people were singing the National Anthem “Negaraku” and were ready to go home. But before they could end . . .

A video clip from another view from further behind. Jarod’s thoughts on the Anti ISA Vigil at PJ being intruded by FRU! raised the same concern I had for the younger children present there.

There were younger children and youth who was there to give support for this movement. I salute them for their awareness. I also want to tell their parents that indeed you are farsighted to bring them there to see for them selves! This will bring an awareness in them about Malaysia politic. However, I do not know how they will react to this cruel incident. I do not know whether do they injured them selves when the FRU chase after those people who were there.

Thankfully, no children were injured physically (as far as I know) but I wonder how the parents are going to explain what happened last night. I wonder what would be the damage on how the next generation will view those who were meant to protect them. Imagine the following conversation:

“Dad, why are we here tonight?”

“We’re here to show that we love our nation, son. We want to show concern for those who have been detained without trial under the Internal security Act (ISA).”

“Oh yes, RPK got released right, so we’re celebrating too?”

“Sure, and tonight it’s the eve of another event where thousands of Malaysians voiced their desire for a free and fair election too! So, it’s a double celebration.”

“Dad, so it’s not just a protest right? Are we safe? I’m a little scared .”

“Don’t worry son, we should be ok. The last few weeks, the candlelight vigils had been very peaceful. We aren’t doing anything wrong.”

* * *

(after running and escaping being charged at by the FRU)

“Dad, why did they charge at us?”

“. . . “

Last night was a history lesson that no one there will ever forget. It’s one evening which none of us should ever forget even though some of us might be tempted to delete it from our memory.

If we even want to imagine and work for a better future, then we need to face the real history right before our eyes, and not give up even the smallest desire to play some role in crafting a tomorrow we won’t want to forget because it was worth remembering. At least for the sake of our children.

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