Walk On : A Tribute to All Who Work for Justice and Peace

It was an unforgettable night on November 9 for more than one reason and well documented.

But there are many stories under the radar, while like many I rejoiced at the release of RPK, my heart was brought back to the ground when I “accidently” met Kak Laila with my friend Andrew Khoo when were walking away from Amcorp Mall. Her story is quite different thus far. I hope her husband got more Hari Raya Cards this year.  Reading ISA SEPARATED US MORE THAN 6 YEARS!!! is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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The last few anti-ISA candle vigils at the PJ field were really very family friendly and even nation building affairs.  The atmosphere was jovial and yet serious, peaceful and convicted, filled with occasional laughter interspersed between speeches as well as spontaneous testimonies of those who generated some courage to speak in public. 

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delCapo has loads of beautiful pictures here in 4 Weeks of Peace & Love. they gift us with 1 Sunday Bloody Sunday.. which sings loudly what the harmony people were experiencing (I’ve taken the liberty to include some pictures in this post). one of the highlights for me was to see the future generation seeing themselves participating in the making of their history for their future!


There were even times when the candlelight vigilers would break forth into song. Which made me wonder what song would I have liked to sing.  Two came to mind.  One is the classic Kumbaya.

The other one is U2’s Walk On.

I would like to dedicate both songs and especially “Walk on” to specifically to Kak Laila (Thank you for being open to share your struggles with us) and also to ALL who are worked hard for justice and peace in whatever sphere of society in Malaysia and beyond. I pray for continual perseverance and endurance not only for the cause of human rights, but simply for what is right. I would also want to pray in solidarity with those who have suffered the consequences of injustice and now await for fairness and freedom.

Last Friday during the Alternative Worship gathering at our church BLC, we gave thanks for the release of RPK, and then we passed around slips of paper carrying the names of the detainees under the ISA so people can remember those whom many have forgotten in continual prayer.

Some might find it easier to pray for someone like RPK, but may feel hesitant when they pick up a name of someone whom they really don’t know apart from what they are alleged to be.  But, for me, we can still pray for their release from the ISA detention.  The fact is everyone deserves a fair trial and opportunity to defend themselves.  Sadly, right now this is what they do not have.  Today it’s them, tomorrow it might be us – a family member, a friend, a pastor, a priest, a son or a daughter . . . anyone.

The video below I believe would give us a better picture to understand the hard facts and the real stories behind this abstract and distant concept called ISA. After watching it, you might want to take your first baby steps on a journey of a thousand miles in making this world a better home to live in. Let’s start walking and for many who have gone before us . Walk on! God’s blessing be with us as we plot goodness, kindness and hope!

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