God’s Blessings Go with you … Takeshi, Vicky & Caleb Hayashi!

Tonight, the one and only seminary intern we’ve had the pleasure of hosting in BLC for the last four years Takeshi will be returning back home to Japan and later spend time in Korea with his lovely wife Vicky and charming son Caleb.  Saying “Goodbyes” is never easy, and this year there has been a little too many for my preference.


Takeshi (from Japan) was a surprise addition to the life of our church.  I remember receiving a phone call from the seminary asking whether we were open to have one of their students come to do his weekend field education with us. Thanks be to God, the council was unanimous and have been supportive throughout in having Takeshi with us.

Of course the bonus was later his newly wed wife Vicky (from Korea) join us as well, and soon afterwards Caleb joined our little community and was born in Malaysia! The whole Hayashi family has been such a blessing to our community and our history together.

The first time we spoke to Takeshi, I can’t remember how many times he would bow after each sentence.  That marked the start of a very interesting cross-cultural friendship he brought to the life of the church.  But beyond that, Takeshi modeled in his own unique way, very often beyond words, a deep humility in service to God and the church, and also a strong desire to learn all he could during his time here in Malaysia.

Considering English was not his first language, I know how much of a struggle especially in the first year of his studies he had to go through. But, with a lot of hard work and support from many people, Takeshi graduated this year with a Bachelor of Divinity (which I jokingly say he’s now a little more  “divine” than before) 🙂 And it was only fitting, that he tackled a pretty hot subject of “Eschatology” during his farewell sermon in BLC.

Vicky has been an exceptional support to Takeshi during his time here, and her musical gifts are equally a great blessing to us as well. I asked her last Sunday, “What would be one thing you would miss in Malaysia?”.  Her reply was classic, “The food!” 🙂 And we laughed.  It’s pretty amazing how she’s still so small and petite being someone who enjoys food!

Thank you Takeshi for this words of farewell and encouragement to us in BLC last Sunday.  It meant so much to me personally.  BLC will miss you, Vicky and Caleb tremendously.

Thank you, Takeshi, Vicky and Caleb for walking with us and opening up your lives so we can walk with you the last four years.

Thank you for showing us what is humble service with no complaint, and sincerity of faith and love.

Thank you for the little gifts of humor and joy you bring to us and perspectives that stretched us by your sharing and questions.

Thank you for demonstrating genuine care and love with the quiet acts of kindness and hidden prayer.

We pray for your safe journey back home and time well spent with family. 

We also pray for God’s provision and guidance for your quest to continue your studies in Singapore (which in some ways we are happy since we are still close by).

We pray that as you continue in following Jesus in these crazy times, and may you persevere in offering humble service and witness through your lives,

Indeed, as God has given you this breath and this strength to live to obey him, may you fulfill God’s unique purpose for your lives glorifying his name!

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