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Since the Micah Mandate got a fresh jumpstart, it’s good to see people commenting and some interaction going on 🙂 Maybe I should chip in more and see where the conversations can go to be even more helpful!  I see comments in a few ways. Some comments are for the sake of just saying something or to show that I am reading.  Other comments are to clarify and perhaps even redirect the conversation.  There are times we comment to disagree and state our point.  I tend towards broadening and deepening conversation more than pursuing an argument.  Longer essays and papers do that job better.  Anyway, more comments on the way!

Latest Comments


Only God Knows by Goh Keat Peng

When we human beings come to the limits of our finite minds and admit to our own deficient capabilities and abilities, we say, “Only God.

Irene Fernandez – Prayers, Power & Persistence by Katrina Fernandez

On the 24th of November 2008, my mother, Dr. Irene Fernandez, human rights activist, director of Tenaganita and all around extraordinary person, was acquitted and.

Orphans of God by Sivin Kit

Today is World Aids Day. World Vision Malaysia has been consistently helping people to be aware of the plight of those affected, especially children through.

Some Thoughts On Freedom by Peter Young

Zainon Ahmad in his column (theSun, Tuesday 25 November 2008) writes : Azman: Anyway, over the years fatwa rulings have already been made against a.

The Alcohol Row – Adventures In Missing The Point by Bob Kee

Once again a Pakatan ruled state is in the limelight for the wrong reasons. This time the focus is on a row that has erupted.

Turning The Other Cheek On Tough Love by Daniel Chandranayagam

Padma seemed to be a well-balanced 40-something single lady. She participated in church activities with her mother, and shared the same home with her. Sadly,.

The Collared Ones by Steven Sim

The collared ones have dedicated their lives as servants of the Most High, choosing a path of discipleship and servant-leadership as pastors of the people of God. At times, wearing the collar means taking a counter-culture stance of obedience to god than to the socio-economic or political trends of the day.

One Fatwa Too Many by Bob Teoh

Malaysia continues to be embroiled in controversies even as its embattled Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is preparing to step down from office soon. The current uproar is over the latest fatwa (Islamic edict) prohibiting Muslims from taking up yoga, which it considers ‘haram’ (unclean). If anything at all, this points to a fatwa fatigue.

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