Reinterpreting Christmas at The Nut Graph

One of the highlights towards Christmas for me this year amongst many things is the invitation to share some thoughts over at one of my favorite Malaysia sites . . .


The piece I wrote with much encouragement from Shanon Shah was based on a sermon I preached on the 1st Sunday of Advent reflecting from Isaiah 64:1-9.  An interesting learning curve I went through was first listening to my sermon and transcribing the whooping 6000 words (oh my I’m pretty long winded!), and then reworking it into a more or less 1000 word essay.  It’s hard work!

Well, at least I didn’t have to scratch my head to think of the title which has always been my struggle.  Shanon helped me out on that one and made me sound tighter and better! 🙂 Thanks.

Here you go:

Reinterpreting Christmas

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