Random Links 309 (“This World is so Violent” Edition)

Violence in Orissa

I was convicted during the first COMPLETE Meeting I attended on why we Christians in Malaysia were so silent on the plight of our brothers and sisters in Orissa in 2008. 

FAQs on Darfur

Darfur had so little coverage in the Malaysian papers!

Sri Lanka Peace and Conflict Timeline

I was intrigued when our Malaysian Home Minister told us “It is ok to march against Israel, not Sri Lanka”. I thought as long as it’s war, all of us have a right to protest against it.

Gaza and Other Conflicts in Perspective

So while the focus might be on Palestine especially the Gaza strip this Sunday.  We must not ignore or forget the rest. This piece does bring some perspectives that will be debated in days to to come.

. . .  Unfortunately, the average citizen appears to believe that inter-state relations are governed by the same emotional and transparently shallow considerations that can easily fit onto a bumper sticker, and reacts accordingly.

The problem is that much of the general public fails to realize complexities of armed conflicts, the role of realpolitik in international relations in general (and in the Middle East, in particular). In other words, the public fails to grasp the nature of modern "small wars." This lack of understanding itself is a potent strategic tool. The current fracas involving Israel and Hamas is a case in point.

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