Journeying together with A Common Word


It’s been a long day, a full 8 hours at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia fully engaged in  brainstorming, conversing, typing, documenting,  thinking, analyzing, reflecting, laughing, eating etc.  We had some coffee breaks, lunch and dinner breaks of course . .


While the document a Common Word was a catalyst for our time together,which was mainly working on “A Malaysian Christian Response to A Common Word”, the whole process has led us into some unexpected directions. 🙂


By now, I’m a little over exhausted to think more, or work on it some more.  It would have been nice to have more big guns join us.  But then what I found interesting was that half of us in the group were those who specialized in Islamic studies, while the other half was more from a missiological-ecclesiological perspective.

I’m sleeping first, and working later after some rest. What awaits us tomorrow looks promising .

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