Peter Rollins: Explaining Emerging Churches and much more!

Pete Rollins has emerged as an important voice in the whole conversation, not only bringing a fresh accent literally 🙂 philosophically, and theologically, he’s also bringing a passion, authenticity and insight which broadens and challenges the conversation thus far.

He says on his blog, “My primary philosophical interests lie in the area of continental philosophy of religion, phenomenology and post-modernism. I also lecture in areas of moral theory, philosophical theology, mysticism and Existentialism. However my passion is to render the academic discourse accessible, interesting and useful to faith collectives.”

“. . . to render the academic discourse accessible, interesting and useful to faith collectives”. 

I like that. That’s why I have both of his books!

Who is God? Do we dare answer, or does defining become confining? It’s a big question of the emergent church; philosopher Peter Rollins, founder of the Ikon emergent community in Northern Ireland, offers big answers in his books How Not to Speak of God and The Fidelity of Betrayal. Shirley Hoogstra hosts.

I must confess I was really amused at the look on the host’s face who was trying hard to listen and follow Pete’s answers. I think quite a few of us would look the same! 🙂 I don’t think it’s just the “sing tone” of the Irish accent. It’s what and how Pete is accenting different dimensions of faith which we often miss.  Enjoy!

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