Spiritual Growth Takes Time

ONE OF THE CHARACTERISTICS of our contemporary culture is impatience. Advances in technology encourage us to demand ever more in less time. Unfortunately the continued pressure to rush everything has reduced our ability to wait for anything.

Some aspects of life, however, cannot be rushed. Spiritual growth is no different than physical growth – both require time and great patience. And when we experience growth, it is not always easy to detect. Progress sometimes seems meager. Perhaps that is why Christians have often been called a pilgrim people. Our lives reflect the process of God’s work more than any polished final product.

Meeting God in Scripture: Entering the New Testament

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We talked about it before the birthday party, that we will enjoy some chips together.  The special packet of chips I got from IKEA.  We did tonight, since last night she couldn’t because of being “grounded” by mummy .

Gareth had some too . but he was too caught up with watching Ben 10.

I love this picture above.  it captures Elysia’s dream come true for having a Barbie Doll cake. Thanks to the wonder cake maker Aunty Adeline.

You could see a lot of jaws drop when the cake was unveiled!

I’m still savoring the joy I saw in her on that day.  So it’s hard when she slips into the crying mode. Especially when things become a little difficult at times. Growing pains I guess for child and parent.

Indeed how time flies, and it’s a joy to see our children slowly grow up in their own time and pace. I think one of the hardest lessons is to learn how as a parent we can be faithful in nurturing the spiritual growth in our children.

Let’s face it we have a hard time nurturing our own selves!

So often, we are impatient and in a hurry.  Other times, we aren’t bothered or distracted.  A lot of times, we’re stuck with the mundane and wonder what on earth is going on?

But then, it’s good to remember we are a pilgrim people. And “Our lives reflect the process of God’s work more than any polished final product.” This process is so crucial, and recognizing it as such is paramount!

There will be milestone moments like the one Elysia won’t forget.  A little bit of a mountain top experience.  One which many can enjoy together too.  We remember those “highs” don’t we? 

But most of the time, and usually for long periods of time, it’s the slow long road of the struggle to experience genuine freedom, as well as authentic spiritual growth. Then another pleasant celebration can be around the corner.  We don’t celebrate birthdays every day.  But when there’s no celebrations, the life’s a little too dull.

As we grow older, we lose the wonder and excitement for parties.  We start to be calculative.  Of course, a lot of times parties have become boring because we try to hard to make them exciting.  But it’s in the little simple details which brings out the wonder.

And to me, it’s all the stuff in between one celebration to another which gives more substance and significance to the spark of any party! We ain’t a finished product yet, but that doesn’t have to stop us from throwing a party along the pilgrimage!

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