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A place where some holy spectacle lies

Good collection of links . I need to catch up with my theology reading.

101 Ways to Be Annoying

One  of my favorites

1. Sing the Batman theme incessantly.

This Easter, Surprise Them: The resurrection means so much more than most people think.

I think it’s high time to check out Bishop NT Wright’s book again. 

Some people are always going to be offended when you actually teach them what’s in the Bible as opposed to what they assume is in the Bible. The preacher can try to say it a number of ways, and sometimes people just won’t get it. They will continue to hear what they want to hear. But if you soft-peddle matters, they will think, Oh, he’s taking us down the old familiar paths. There is a time for walking in and just saying what needs to be said. Sometimes you just need to find a good line. The line I often use-which makes people laugh-is: "Heaven is important, but it’s not the end of the world." In other words, resurrection means the new earth continues after people have gone to heaven.

Refreshment Sunday; Mothering Sunday

I recall my meeting with Maggi Dawn very fondly. She’s always insightful.

The original Church feast was variously known as Refreshment Sunday, Laetere Sunday, or Mothering Sunday – the Sunday halfway through Lent when the fast was broken and people returned to their "mother" church.  "Mothering" also referred to the mother Church in Jerusalem. But nowhere did it mean biological mothers.

Religulous: Borat-style satire on faith causes outrage

Great to see Jonny Baker quoted when it really matters. I get a sense that a lot of so called more critical attitudes or cynical ones are in fact very “fundamentalist”. Such is the irony.

Jonny Baker, who works for the Church Mission Society, which has been bringing missionaries from Africa to Britain for 20 years, said the film was just as intolerant as the religions it lampoons. “I saw it in America, and ironically it ended up being very fundamentalist,” he said.

“Bill Maher was just ranting to the camera, and that undermined the whole point of the film. There is a feeling in Africa that we are godless in the West and they’ll come here and help us… Faith is important and transformative. People are interested in more in life than just shopping.”

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