Cultivating Faith 5 minutes Every Night Every Home


I noticed Elysia and Gareth’s favorite part as we’ve been doing FAITH 5 for quite a while (maybe 2 years?) is the part where we bless each other as we hook our little fingers, and give each other a great hug.

Okay, I must admit.  It’s one of my favorite parts too.

The practice of sharing of Highs and Lows also has been a wonderful way of introducing a more reflective way of reviewing the day.  After sharing a particular episode of high or low, at times I can’t help but probe further to find out why one event was high or low.

I’m glad our kids can learn this simple practice of Examen adapted for today. It also connects with the emphasis on wisdom from our own cultural heritage too in the light of an information overload society.

We’re still working on the God’s Word piece.  Sometimes we sing a song.  I recall Elysia and Gareth singing “He is Lord” inclusive of actions (which was part of their Easter presentation) last week.  Tonight, since I was using a candle it was a little dark, so I told them my own parable of 2 people defeating a monster by planting some flowers and vegetables which the monster would fall asleep after eating. You can guess the moral of that parable yourself. 🙂

Prayer time was short tonight.  More like a quick thank you to God.

And then the big hug. 

I think the day I dropped the idea of seeing church merely as a building and and starting from the point of view that’s church is the people, then it’s not hard to see the home as an expression of the church reality in some way. The church is also an “event” in a small way as people and in our case the family comes together with God at the center – reordering our thoughts, feelings and the totality of our lives.

FAITH 5 is a simple combo of 5 practices (which all have ancient roots) which serves as my favorite to make that connection – (1) Between people and event around God with us and one another, (2) Between church as the community of Christ-followers gathered like tomorrow morning on Sunday, and church as individuals and families scattered at homes which is the rest of the week.

Give it a try  . . .


As a bonus, check out this discussion with Rev. Victor Belton and teacher Rachel Vrudny with Rich Melheim following the FAITH 5 conference in Decatur, GA.

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