A Leap of Faith, In The Same Direction.

One of the joys this Christmas as in every Christmas for BLC is the joy and excitement overflowing from the children.  To add on, it’s encouraging for adults to discover or rediscover child-like faith and trust.

The following piece written by one of our latest newly baptized members captures this journey.  Child-like faith isn’t devoid of questions or probing, it includes all those aspects too.  The kind of faith we’re talking about is adventurous, risk-taking, communal, trusting, and maturing .

A Leap of Faith, In The Same Direction.

After two years of arduous questioning and probing, demanding then begging.

He finally broke this wanton child.

All the countless, endless questions of "but then.." "sure or not" "i don’t believe this…" "so what if" "but this doesn’t make sense…" I’d just like to say.

Thank You.

For being patient with all this resistance. Through the battling of so many ideas, ideals, thoughts and what ifs. Thank you for all the nights of conversations. All the bantering, the soul searching, the guidance, the answers, and the questions.

Thank you for having an open heart, a beautiful mind, a free soul, to allow this soul the space to question her purpose in this world.

Thank you for allowing me to fall, and still being there. For always believing in the better version that He created.

For the shared laughter. And private moments.

For every step we’ve taken together and separately.

For growing up together.

For guiding me to now listening to His purpose for me.

It’s the same. But so different.

Through our conversations, our moments shared, He has renovated my heart, blown it wide open, and is changing so much of it. Through shared understanding, debates and different points of view, He has made and forced me to see things I never have before. Expecting more of me, challenging, re-defining. And at the same time always, always guiding.

Thank You for being such a big part of this journey. For your sharing, your friendship, your love, and support. For being part of His work in my life.

Perhaps it is in our shared moments together that I’m reminded of this beautiful Heaven we are a part of.

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