Random Thoughts on the 4th Day of Christmas

The song How Many Kings still ringing in my ears.

I missed every big Christmas production this year.  Almost went for one yesterday, but somehow the physical body needed rest, thus landed up being at home reading stories to Ewan and Elysia.

I guess, I will only REALLY start my rest tomorrow.  Then again, it’s a rest which includes writing a theology academic paper 😛

Heading to the margins was an important part of the finale. How life has changed for me these past years.  Who would have imagined this would be my path?

Listening to carols sung in a foreign tongue brought me into another world. Then when I heard “He leadeth me”, something in me was moved.  I couldn’t understand it but I felt the Spirit move.

The last Sunday for the year ended on a significant sobering note.

Suddenly, the few things I need to wrap up for the year surged into my mind. I’ll need to settle them by 31 December.

First, settle some external  “stuff” this morning, and tonight. One more personal, another more public.  Both need a steady heart and a solid mind.

Looking forward for the afternoon. Perhaps a haircut today? 🙂 Not much left . maybe a trim? Freshen up for the new year.

Short random thought post for today.  In winding down mode.

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