Holy Saturday: JesusPainter "By His Wounds" Glory Revealed

Not many people know about the significance of Holy Saturday. For me it captures the “in between-ness” and “silence” between death and resurrection powerfully. For more read Great and Holy Saturday, the following caught my attention:

We sing that Christ is ". . . trampling down death by death" in the troparion of Easter. This phrase gives great meaning to Holy Saturday. Christ’s repose in the tomb is an "active" repose. He comes in search of His fallen friend, Adam, who represents all men. Not finding him on earth, He descends to the realm of death, known as Hades in the Old Testament. There He finds him and brings him life once again. This is the victory: the dead are given life. The tomb is no longer a forsaken, lifeless place. By His death Christ tramples down death.

Last night, I showed the video above as a response to the overall worship liturgy. Today, I’m allowing the truth and relevance of the love and the wounds of Christ to settle in deeper .as I await Easter.

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