Random Thoughts on a Saturday Night


It was nice to have a family dinner after a while.  It was crowded but still good. Before I finalize the message for tomorrow, as well as the final preparations for BLC’s AGM, I’ll unload some random thoughts. Part of the process of returning back to blogging 🙂

The recuperation is slow but steady. The world still is revolving, and chaos abounds.

So often our reactions merely reflect the tip of the iceberg of what’s beneath the surface.

Even though we might be experienced and cautious in most situations, it’s not uncommon to have a major slip once in a while.

Sometimes, I wonder how can we be so “dogmatic” about certain ideas, when in all honesty we can only hold on to these opinions lightly and subject to revision.

Anger and impulsiveness usually doesn’t help.

When we hear things from a second or third source, it’s natural to feel disturbed but one must not act prematurely. Letting it settle for at least 24-48 hours is a good practice.  Then return to the original source.

A good swim does wonders to a tired body.  And it also in a strange way calms down the emotions.

Of course, a good nap reenergizes the whole being in ways probably a sleep expert can elaborate.

When we have too many layers covering ourselves, or when we put up walls to protect ourselves, then it’s a sign that we need to let trusted people in to offer some assistance. 

As one who believes in the work of God’s Spirit, I know that in some areas only God can do the needed work.  The rest is merely making us more ready for the necessary.

Ewan is standing next to me now as I key these words in the “random thoughts” post. His quiet presence is soothing. Nothing much said, only a glance here and there, and a tender touch. That’s good enough for me right now.

Often, that’s the same way I feel about God.

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