BLC Outreach: Supporting World Vision 16 Apr 2005

BLC as a collective and many members as individuals have had a long term relationship with World Vision Malaysia. We even have and had church members who’ve worked with them whether temporarily or fulltime.  So, it’s been a good partnership.

One of the key principles in which we work with is, “if someone else is doing a great job, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, let’s support them”.  And I think this has been a great way for us as a smaller church with minimal resources in terms of finance and people. 

So apart from the entry level child sponsorships, we’ve volunteered, promoted, and participated in whatever we could. And it’s not just a one time thing and it’s over.  Again, I want to emphasize, even if it’s a loose relationship, it’s a genuine one, and a real one.  So, there are friendships involved so it’s not turned into a works based partnership and that’s it.

The future of partnerships between faith communities and specialized ministries to me, is about a integrated combo of relationship trust, shared vision, and mutual support.  It’s a two-way street at first glance.  But to take it further or deeper, once we see God’s Spirit moving amongst us and beyond us, it takes on dimensions more than the immediate two way street into an open field of amazing possibilities.

Together is a key word.

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