Random Thoughts while I’m relaxing :-)


It was good.  It was needed.  The family had been looking forward to a much needed break. And I’m glad we made it.

This is especially precious for my Dad and Mom who see Gareth, Elysia and Ewan less than May Chin’s parents. 

It was so heartwarming especially when ALL the kids gave their grandpa a nice hug and high five before saying goodbye.

Gareth is really happy with his “Indiana Jones” hat which Grandpa Kit gave him.  It’s these small things that becomes little links to our loved ones.  The fact is our family can’t afford luxury items, so little things make a big difference because it’s done with great love.

The weather is typical hot and humid, and we’re not in an air-con room now.  But it’s okay.  Everyone is getting a needed nap.  I’m getting some space for a “random thoughts” unload moment.

The Malacca Zoo was a long tiring walk but the kids at least could see real animals and not animated ones. Animated animals don’t smell, real ones do. ROFL. We don’t sweat in the cinema, but we’re drenched after the whole route.

But the wonder in their eyes, when they saw their favorite otter was pure delight.  The “Aws” and “Ahs” when the Leopard was spotted and watching the Giraffe having breakfast was priceless.

If course, there was the standard complaints like why the route was so long.  How much longer do we need to walk?  Can mummy carry me? (notice: Daddy was not asked!) All in all loads of fun. 

It’s a pleasant afternoon where somehow I’m not drifting into a nap yet.  The solitude is most treasured and so needed for me. It’s been such an intense couple of years and intense period of time lately.  The joys of the unexpected can be energizing, but hey we’re human so there’s only so much unplanned stuff the whole being can take.  Thus, no guilt for taking a much needed break.  In fact, it’s first more for the family.  Phase two perhaps will be carved out more for myself.

A tiger is probably known more for prowling around, and off to get it’s prey, but then once a while a cool dip in the poor is warranted. 

There are those of us who have been pulled from all sorts of directions.  Often, they are good things, that’s why we allow it.  In the process some sacrifices are involved, adjustments made, giving up some leisure and the fun stuff in life.  In times of war, usually we’re not that interested who’s going to win the world cup. But, right now I’m not in a “war zone”, so it’s fine to just chill.  I learn from the tiger.

While I can’t say I’m fully into meditative and contemplative mode, it’s a needed phases for the heart to be more centred.  A change of environment opens up not just physical space, but emotional, intellectual and spiritual space.

It’s a space where we’re not in the public eye and allow for some “defragmenting” privately. Then we return back into the world afresh.

This is good.

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