Why have non-muslim religious societies in Klang High School been dissolved?

A comment I read wondered out loud “if this is a calculated move to make the Selangor government look intolerant. Education is under Federal purview and oversight but with the general lack of civic knowledge amongst the average citizen, many would think this was a move by the Selangor government.”

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how the Federal Government responds.

Why have non-muslim religious societies in Klang High School been dissolved?

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism (MCCBCHST) notes the report on page 8 of The Sun (12 July 2010) that in Klang High School “. the Kelab Agama Hindu, Kelab Agama Buddha and the Christian Union have to be dissolved immediately” and that an announcement to this effect was made at the school assembly last week.”

There are very serious implications of such an action and therefore MCCBCHST seeks immediate confirmation from the Selangor Education Department whether this has indeed transpired and if so, a prompt explanation should be given to parents and the Malaysian public at large as to the reason/s for such a directive. If in fact such a directive had indeed been given, MCCBCHST would like to express its disappointment that there was no prior consultation with it over such a serious matter as this.

Owing to the gravity of such an issue, the Ministry of Education too cannot remain silent.

Needless to say, if indeed such a directive to close non-Muslim religious societies in schools or to not permit the setting up of such societies in schools, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of National Unity should not be in doubt that MCCBCHST shall protest such a policy with the strongest possible vehemence.

MCCBCHST with its member bodies shall, however, be ready to assist the Ministry of Education in any way we can to ensure goodwill and mutual respect amongst all Malaysian students.

Rev. Dr Thomas Philips,
MCCBCHST President,
12 July 2010

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