Random Thoughts while slowing down my inhale and exhale rhythm


It’s pretty frustrating when your  email account is compromised and you have to reply to people apologizing for links that were never sent by you.

The word for this morning’s FREEDOM movement is “Heart untroubled”.  Thus, a good reminder last night to inhale and exhale and practice some spiritual breathing. Funny, because for me to get spiritual it starts with the physical! 🙂

I really miss the Father’s House.  And I look forward to see that we can return as soon as possible.  This week will be crucial as it will determine the speed of when we can start, and therefore predict when we can move back.  God it’s tough this “waiting” business.

On a personal end, it’s been a touch learning curve for me too.  How does one wait proactively and not slip into just bumming around?  Well, in my case, there’s 101 things on my plate.  But I suppose it’s more of the battles in the heart, or to put it more mildly the reordering of the furniture of my heart.

Our inner minds and outer world is full of “stuff”.  Often needed, some unnecessary, many delayed actions.  Looks like, today will be a good chance to unclutter some of them.  Starting with my email.

One of the things I appreciated was when we took down the old Father’s house ceiling, and it gave me a fresh perspective of our roof structure, and also what is possible for the future.  It’s a useful analogy for life actually, especially when most of us won’t ever tear everything down and rebuild from scratch.  We’ll likely do more renovation-like work which in many ways is more challenging as we negotiate what to keep, what to throw away, and how to tweak the whole structure.

Just to recount some blessings last night which had a nice wrap up.

I continue to be amazed by the power of story.  Elysia, Gareth and I have constructed a mixture of misfit characters in our imaginary world. Using names of familiar characters but injecting into them new personalities and identities.  It’s a fascinating experiment. They chose the actors, I started of with the basic narrative, they tweak it along the way.  It’s been pretty adventurous thus far.

There’s the three robots are Tin Tin, Robin and the robot dog Snowy.  Robots who later the kids decided wanted to be human.  Then we have the mega villian the Rat King who’s chasing after them, and has a venomous bite. A bite which can turn humans into robots.  Oh let’s not forget the Lion who lost his baby cubs one day but now had become the body guard for the three robots. 

We’ve been through caves, waterfalls, jungles, and the whole lot. We’ve had a diamond, spider webs which becomes a cocoon for robots to turn into humans.  A guiding lady bird.  This beats Cable TV! 🙂

We’re taking a one night break tonight, and resume the next episode tomorrow.

By the way, we had a little debate on whether Snowy the robot dog will turn into a real dog or a human boy.  The real dog won!

On a less imaginary level, when one is tired and drained, it’s wonderful to have a fellow companion to not just cheer you on, but remind you that it’s ok to take time to check on how full one’s bucket is.:-)

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