God In Charge

HUMILITY, a word related to humus, which means “the earth,” is the notion of being grounded in the reality of who one is before God; it is God who is in charge of our lives — not the other way around.

– Daniel Wolpert
Creating a Life with God

~ God In Charge

Just when you think you have every thing under control, history springs you a surprise! As a person of faith, I’d attribute it to God’s initiative. I was probably more than ready to fly into the sky only to be brought to the ground in a good way.

Besides, the earthy bit which is where “humus” comes in. There’s also a humorous flavor to my life. For me, humility comes together very much which God’s humor. The laugh is our way of admitting the futility of the drive for control as fragile human beings.

It’s good medicine too, when so much around us can be toxic.

Some people tend to associate humility with a kind of seriousness that misses the whole incarnational earthiness which it’s truly rooted in. Being grounded is not about being stiff and inflexible, it’s about knowing who is in charge.

Submitting to God’s leadership – or “in-charge-ness” is less about robotic unthinking obedience, but rather more about relational trusting obedience out of surrendering to the freedom that we can’t fix everything, and chart anything by our own schemings.

It’s humbling. That’s the point. God is God, I am not. I’m glad I’m not.

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