Micah Returns: Media, 100-Storeys, Forgiveness, Self and Change

I’ve found a new kick in blogging. I used to do some regular links from The Micah Mandate. So a decent return is nice.

The media, violence and partnership

20 October 2010 | By Vinoth Ramachandra

Recently we saw a pitiful demonstration of the power of the Internet, coupled with the way global media corporations love to promote religious extremists. Why did the media seize on the words of an obscure, sectarian pastor of an unknown Florida church with less than 50 members and broadcast it… Continue Reading

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Do we need another skyscraper?

20 October 2010 | By Allen Tan

Finance Minister cum Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has tabled the 2011 budget. It amounts to RM212 billion which is the highest ever in Malaysian history. Unfortunately with the huge sum of money to be spent, it does not benefit the people at large. Does Najib have the… Continue Reading

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The need for the wounded to forgive (Part 2)

18 October 2010 | By Peter Young

B FORGIVING THOSE WHO HAVE WOUNDED US (cont’d) a. The reason to forgive We have already dealt with this and it can be summed up in the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 6:14 – 15 14For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will…Continue Reading

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Rising above ground, self and country

15 October 2010 | By Goh Keat Peng

The story of the restoration of the thirty-three trapped miners to their loved ones will live long in our memories and be amongst inspirational human stories which tug at our hearts and give us courage and encouragement in times of frail nerves and hopeless thoughts. The odds of being given… Continue Reading

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Managing change

11 October 2010 | By TK Tan

Someone, in writing about “managing change,” made the point that when change is first envisioned it is usually in very broad idealistic terms. That vision needs to be broken down into manageable stages with goals that are more realistic and have a shorter time frame. The point is that a… Continue Reading

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The need for the wounded to forgive (part 1)

11 October 2010 | By Peter Young

When we have been wounded, whom do we need to forgive? A FORGIVING GOD? When we face a family or personal crisis (such as criminal attacks, accidents, disease or disability, marriage failure, redundancy, natural disasters, etc), it is tempting to blame God for allowing such events to take place. If… Continue Reading

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On Muhyiddin, ants and flames

11 October 2010 | By Rama Ramanathan

Should churches (and mosques and temples) accept money offered by the government? Government income includes taxes paid by gambling companies. Government income includes taxes paid by tobacco companies. Government income includes taxes paid by alcohol companies. Most “religious people” frown upon gambling, smoking and drunken-ness. So should religious groups accept… Continue Reading

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