Another Round of Goodies from Sivin Kit’s Library :-)

A continuation on Project "Letting Go" where I’m off loading some books from my personal library to partially support Bangsar Lutheran Church’s renovation fund.  Just as a recap:

a.  50% of the Sales will go to Bangsar Lutheran Church’s Renovation Fund. b. All are 2nd hand books, some with a few highlights, and notes by me.  Some are almost brand new! All paperback unless stated hardcover.

c. By the time this email is out, some of the books would have already been taken up (booked).  It’s a first come first sold policy (based on when you email me or leave a comment on FB). d. The collection points are : Luther Centre (PJ) or Father’s House (Bangsar). Sorry no delivery:-)

125. The spiritual lives of great composers – Patrick Kavanaugh ~ rm20

126. Project B -Ann Lamott ~ rm 20 (Hardcover)
127. Oxford Study thesaurus ~rm15
128. Contemporary Biblical Interpretation for preaching – Ronald Allen ~ rm10
129. Becoming Soul Mates – Les & Leslie Parrot ~ rm25
130.  Listening to God  – Joyce Hugget ~ rm15
131. Listening to Others – Joyce Hugget ~ rm15
132. Mourning into Dancing – Walter Wangerin jr. ~rm25
133.  Evangelism through the Local Church – Michael Green ~rm20
134. Letters along the way: A Novel of the Christian life – Carson & Woodbridge ~rm30
135.  Discipleship Journal’s Best Bible Study Methods  ~ rm30
136. New Testament Exposition – Walter Liefied `rm20
137. Christian Healing: A Practical & comprehensive Guide – Mark Pearson ~rm30
138. Preaching that connects – Galli & Larson ~rm25
139. The Chinese Art of Leadership (Cartoon) – Adam Sia ~rm15
140. How to Prepare Bible Messages – James Braga ~rm30
141. Could you Not Tarry One Hour – Larry Lea ~rm20 (hardcover)
142. UnChristian: What a new generation really thinks abt Christianity and why it matters – Kinnaman & Lyons ~rm25
145. The HOle in our gospel: What does God expect of us? – Richard stearns ~rm40
146. Being HUman, Being Church – Robert Warren ~rm10
147. Church next: Quantam Changes in christian ministry – Eddie Gibbs & Ian Coffey ~rm30
148.  The Kingdom & the Power: Are healing and spiritual gifts used by Jesus & Early church meant for the Church today? ~rm30
149. Church Why bother? – Philip Yancey ~Rm20
150. The Heart of the Family – Adrian Plass ~rm10

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