Midnight Specials from Sivin Kit’s Library

Don’t worry, I’m not selling off my WHOLE library 🙂  I still have a a LOT of books. Anyway, the focus besides off loading, it’s to support the "resurrected" BLC since 2000, and now Father’s House which is "renewed" (i.e. renovated) in 2010.

Previous lists are

151. To Kill a Mocking bird – Harper Lee ~rm15
152. The 7 Habits of HIghly effective Teens – Sean Covey ~rm45
153. Discipleship Journal’s 101 Best Small Group Ideas ~rm30
154. Small Group Strategies: Ideas and Activities for developing Spiritual growth in students – Pilich & Scandyn ~rm30
155. Family Tales: Rewriting the stories that made you who you are James Osterhaus ~rm5
156. Contemplative Prayer – Thomas Merton ~rm20
157. Life and HOliness – Thomas Merton ~rm20
158. Saint Francis of Assisi – G.K. Chesterton ~rm25
159. Weird Christians I have met – Philip Baker ~rm15
160. Summoned to Lead – Leonard Sweet ~rm40 (new!)
161. The Life Giving Church – Ted Haggard ~ rm30
162. Cultivating a life for God: Multiplying Disciples through life transformation groups – Neil Cole ~rm40
163. Preparing for Marriage – Boehi, Nelson, Schultze, Shadrach ~rm35
164. Living Liturgy – JOhn Leach ~rm35
165. Guiding your church through Worship Transition – Tom Kraeuter ~rm30
166.  I must Sow the Seed: Liang Afa: China’s first preacher ~rm20
167. Gospel and Kingdom: A Christian interpretation of the OT – Graeme Goldsworthy ~rm10
168. Love Life for every Married Couple – Ed Wheat ~ rm15
169. An introduction to OT Prophetic Books – C. Hassell Bullock ~rm50
170. Renewing the Center: Evangelical Theology in a post-theological era – Stanley Grenz ~rm30 (Hardcover)

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