5th Day of Christmas Specials 2010

Here’s a freebie for those who’ve been following "Project Letting Go" thus far, http://chriserdman.com/contemplation-and-meditation/one-way-to-practice-the-twelve-days-of-christmas/ 

After packing up some boxes of books which I will keep 🙂 Here’s a bunch ready for new owners and readers ~ Sivin
171. a Theology of the Dark Side: Putting power of evil in its place – NIgel Wright ~ rm30
172. Hearing God: BUilding an intimate relationship with the creator – Dallas Willard ~ rm15
173. The Forgotten Father – Tom Smail ~ rm10
174. Questions to All your Answers – Roger Olson ~ rm50 (new! Hardcover)
175. Christianity in a changing world: Biblical insight on contemporary issues – Michael Scluter & the cambridge papers group ~ rm35
176.  The Back of the Napkin – Dan Roam ~ rm90 (Pretty new! Hardcover)
177.  More Youth Walk: Faith, Dating, Friendship & other topics for teen survival ~ Walk thru the BIble ministries ~ rm20
178.  A Search for what is Real: Finding Faith – Brian McLaren ~ RM35
179. Lean to Dance the Soul Salsa: 17 surprising steps for Godly Living in the 21st century – Leonard Sweet ~ rm40 (Hardcover)
180. The Starfish and the Spider: The unstoppable power of leaderless organizations – Brafman & Beckstrom ~ rm45
181. The Reflective Life: Becoming more spiritually sensitive to the everyday moments of life – Ken Gire ~rm40 (Hardcover)
182. Come Holy spirit: Learning to Minister in Power – David Pytches ~ rm15
183. "I thirst": The Cross – The Great Triumph of love – Stephen Cottrel ~ rm25
184. Never Eat Alone: and other secrets to success, one relationship at a time – Keith Ferrazzi ~ rm80 (Quite New! Hardcover)
185. Christian Theology: An Introduction(1994 Edition) – Alister McGrath ~ rm70
186. Issues Facing Christians Today: New perspectives on social & moral dilemmas (1990 second edition)- JOhn Stott ~ rm 25
187. An introduction to the Bible – John Drane ~ rm50 (Hardcover)
188. God’s Beloved – Henri Nouwen  ~rm5
189. With Burning hearts: A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life – Henri Nouwen ~ rm10
190. Reaching Out: The three movements of the Spiritual Life – Henri Nouwen ~ rm20


a.  50% of the Sales will go to Bangsar Lutheran Church’s Renovation Fund.

b. All are 2nd hand books, some with a few highlights, and notes by me.  Some are almost brand new!

c. By the time this info is out, some of the books would have already been taken up (booked).  It’s a first come first sold policy (based on when you email me or leave a comment on FB).

d. The collection points are : Luther Centre (PJ) or Father’s House (Bangsar). Sorry no delivery A good time to do it is at Father’s House this Sunday 2 January, 2011. And for those who prefer to collect at Luther Centre, I will leave the books with BLC member Clarice Wong on the 6th Floor, Mondays to Fridays 9-5pm.

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