Random Thoughts on a quiet Sunday evening in Norway

It’s really very quiet now. The lack of noise seems to help everyone in the family fall asleep pretty fast :-). Ewan, the last I saw him was gradually slipping into his much needed slumber. The rest are sound asleep. It’s pretty late anyway.

I’m slowly after one week of arriving Kristiansand working out my rhythm of how I’m going to juggle everything from family needs to PhD demands, and everything in-between while keeping my sanity. I think the environment helps a lot. Such as the quiet tonight.

Tomorrow will be continue more the process of sorting out ‘stuff’. The last time it took me almost 3 weeks to one month before I could totally focus. It’s a little bit easier now at least for me. But I keep forgetting that it might not be as easy for the rest of the Kit family. But generally, I get the sense we are doing very well. The weather has not been as sunny as we’d like it to be, but then fingers crossed that the real summer is on the way fast.

It’s a pity we missed BLC Anniversary celebration today in Malaysia, and celebrate the ‘installation’ of Augustin as the pastor of BLC. But then, this is what transitions is all about. Change. Adjustments. Making room. Preparing. Trusting. And so much more. I think we’ve tried our best individually and corporately to make it as smooth as possible.

Note the word ‘possible’. Bumps or bugs are bound to happen. That’s ok. That’s life. How we can take steps forward is what we do after the bumps, and the willingness to fix the bugs. All in all recognizing the ‘Beta-ness” in all our endeavors, and even the totality of our life journeys itself. I think this is a better way of life. I don’t think living life with bitterness and regret is going to make the big picture beautiful. It’s the art of beginning again … and again … and again … and again.

So, the Kit adventures is in a way ‘learning’ this lesson again … and again. Is everything smooth sailing? So far no major storms yet. Bugs? little bumps? Yup. It’s there. We’ll survive. We’ll likely thrive thanks to lots of support and encouragement. We are not alone.

Time flies. It’s already one week since we made our landing. The whole week has been full of little steps in putting into place everything needed to make Kristiansand our second home for this season. It’s the small things that make a difference. It’s the people around us that makes it even better.

With those closing thoughts as well as the return of some random thoughts, I think I’ll call it a night. A night that’s really quiet apart from the sound of the wind. A night where I’m thankful not only for the ‘solitude’ I can have, but also for the blessings of family and community as well through this past week.

So far so beautiful.

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