Random Thoughts after jumpstarting my Sabbath Journal (again)

It was good to jump start my ‘Sabbath Journal’ again. I need to get the project 365 updated on this blog as fast as I can, while also updating my ‘Sabbath’ Photo Album on Facebook. The danger of narcism is real, but then again, the danger of the lack of self-awareness and self-examination is far greater these days. Plus, perhaps giving a chances for eavesdropping might be helpful to some who are interested. 🙂

The creative energies which came out of the ‘Sabbath Journaling’ helped to integrate the various dimensions of what’s going on inside me. The ‘Mind’, the ‘Heart’ and the ‘Body’ to keep it simple. All three dimensions are place in a time and space where some level of chaos is allowed in order for creative possibilities to emerge.

The birth of Anja in away is metaphoric for us as a family and myself personally. Just when one thinks one phase is over, we’re thrown into a fresh old-new phase where the ‘unfinished’ accent is loud and clear.

We’ve been blessed tremendously by our ‘hosts’ here in Norway. In particular ‘the couple’ across the road. They been a wonderful source of encouragement and support especially for May Chin and the kids. From the time of fetching us from the airport to the latest midsummer BBQ, the transition has been so much more easier because of their hospitality.

“Count your blessings one by one”, the old hymn sings. I do it all the time. I need to because if my eyes are only on the problems I see whether online or off-line, it can be depressing!

I’m not naive in an illusionary idealistic way, but after the rain and the storm, I want to savor the sunshine. Or in Norwegian terms, after a long winter, we are going to enjoy the summer!!! it’s not about ignoring the ‘winters’, they will come and go. It’s about the ‘here and now’, when the sun is out, let’s enjoy it fully. And the sun is out today!

The conversations have ‘intensified’ within me .. and imaginarily as well as realistically outside of me. I need to psyche myself up to plunge into writing a about 15 page paper. But all this journaling and blogging helps to clear the way, so I’d jump in full force.

Before that self-absorbed phase, I’m reminded of family responsibilities, so today it will be settling Anja’s scheduled ‘jab’. Life does not revolve around me. No rocket science there.

So, that’s to keep the rhythm of blogging going.

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