Random Thoughts on a cool and wet Sunday evening

It will be evening and then morning, another week begins.

I can hear the clock ticking on my left, and time is moving on quickly. I arrived in February, and then the rest of the family landed with me end of May. Now it’s already the middle of July. Almost 5 months and counting! There are moments when I hope it can trickle along slower.

* * *

Stillness and silence are previous in an age where we are bombarded with messages all the time. Even in a quiet place where we live now, our children give us enough messages to keep us quite occupied mentally. So, when there was a gap this afternoon, I felt a momentary "zen-like" escape that I needed. The added bonus was that Anja had a "zen-like" nap uninterrupted as I carried her with my right hand.

It was short but it was necessary. The rest of the family needed the "time out" literally. Gareth could go for cycling while Elysia and Ewan could follow mummy to the local shop. Any excuse to get out of the apartment since the whole day was raining, and the sun just "came out". So, it was a win-win for all.

Some need to get energized out with fresh air and nature. Others, simply need stillness and silence. Both at the same time, tomorrow likely at different times.

* * *

I’m surrounded by lots and lots of words, and sentences. Piled with paragraphs over paragraphs, having imaginary conversations with a few dead people, while other dialogues with living ones whom I have never met face to face. So, I’m not surprised that I’m drawn to a graphic biography of a so called revolutionary. I’m actually quite intrigued why the word "revolution" has become a little sensitive in some quarters. But it wasn’t too long ago that the phrase "quiet revolution of hope" resonated with many of us back home. In fact, I think it’s more relevant than ever today especially since July 9, 2011, where a significant number of people, many I would count as friends, were not only awakened, but also initiated to a new mode of existence.

Back to pictures, well, a graphic biography is understandably a short-cut compared to reading the wordy stuff. But then, I do need a different genre, especially when I’m juggling quite a few at the same time. I think perhaps the one I’m least in touch is poetry. Today’s slight excursion to music and lyrics was as close I’ll get to anything poetic for now.

I do realize my natural tendencies to stories, and pictures. Then there’s also the historical attention to design, and frames probably due to Dad’s influence. So much of who we are has had seeds planted within us, in times past, not by our own choosing. Now, the first step is not so much of choosing the seeds or whatever that has grown out of it, but more of choosing to acknowledge what has been planted in us for better or for worse.

* * *

The children chose two hymns today during our "home church" session. "Amazing Grace" and "This is my Father’s World". Two very familiar songs to the children, and personal favorites of mine. Somehow singing This is my Father’s World while being surrounded by what the lyrics describe, and hearing the sounds of the birds loud and clear does breath extra life to the song. And yet, it’s the phrase, "And tho’ the world is oft so wrong, God is the ruler yet …", has always been the one which anchors me, and refocused my attention for a moment.

There’s so much wrong in the world. There’s loads that’s wrong with the way we respond to the wrongs in the world. And to make things worse, there’s this weight of wrong mindsets and attitudes thrown in the mix. And wrong timing, together with wrong turns,… in short, a lot that’s wrong.

So, it’s difficult to get back on the right track, at least in quickly. And we are, at least I am, often impatient.

But this is where I’m drawn back at some level to the sacred and divine dimension, The "God" factor. I confess, I’m slower now to be too fast in assigning absolute attribution to specifics as if we have a "superman" solution to our wrongs encountered and experienced. But I’m also not willing to exclude that sacred dimension in our very secular earthly worldly existence. The question perhaps is what does it mean to have this sacred dimension, and in what way I could discern the divine in the midst of so much distortion, and how to I especially discern even the demonic however defined or described.

More questions than answers before I fall asleep. Perhaps, I might have some way to unconsciously work these things out while I’m in dream land. A case study for psychoanalysis to those who might have interest 🙂

* * *

It doesn’t feel that cool now, the blanket gives some warmth. There’s no rain outside. The weather forecast predicts a week of rain. But then we’re always open for surprises, even in the midst of plausibilities and possibilities.

Good to return to some random thoughts again. Hope to get back to random links … perhaps using the classic Windows Live Writer on a PC might be easier than using Blogsy on iPad. I’m always living in at least two worlds even in the world of technology. I see no need to resolve that.

* * *

Now I resolve to return to read the graphic biography entitled "CHE" and see where the pictures and dialogue lead me.

Ha Bet Bra (Have it Good!)

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