Random Utterances 3

“The first stones of the new world, however coarse or unpolished they may be, are more beautiful than the sunset of a world in agony, and its swan songs” – Antonio Gramsci

”The word, the word is a great thing.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky

“Not only is utopia not ‘realizable’, but it could not be realized without destroying itself.” – Louis Marin

“We have thought too much in terms of a will which submits and not enough in terms of an imagination which opens up” – Paul Ricoeur

“In the dream in which every epoch sees in images the epoch which is to succeed it, the latter appears coupled with elements of prehistory – that is to say a classless society.  The experiences of this society, which have their store-place in the collective unconsciousness, interact with the new to give birth to a thousand configurations of life, from permanent buildings to ephemeral fashions” – Walter Benjamin

“What can oppose the decline of the West is not a resurrected culture but the utopia silently contained in the image of its decline.” – T.W. Adorno

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