Random Utterances 4

"Vision is a spectator; hearing is a participator" – John Dewey

"The winged words of conversation in immediate intercourse have a vital import lacking in the fixed and frozen words of written speech" – John Dewey

“Practical wisdom issues commands, since its end is what ought to be done or not to be done; but
understanding only judges…. Now understanding is neither the having nor the acquiring of
practical wisdom; but when learning is called understanding when it means the exercise of the
faculty of knowledge, so ‘understanding’ is applicable to the exercise of the faculty of opinion for
the purpose of judging of what some one else says about matters with which practical wisdom is
concerned.” – Aristotle

"Every discourse has its own selfish and biased proprietor; there are no words with meanings shared by all, no words ‘belonging to no one’ "- Mikhail Bakhtin

"The more people’s standpoints I have present in my mind while I am pondering a given issue, and the better I can imagine how I would feel and think if I were in their place, the stronger will be my capacity for representational thinking and the more valid my final conclusions, my opinion" – Hannah Arendt

"A noticeable decrease in common sense in any given community and a noticeable increase in superstition and gullibility are therefore almost infallible signs of alienation from the world" – Hannah Arendt

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