Random Utterances 5

“Dialogics is a method of thinking as a whole and a rejection of wroldviews that recognize the right of a higher consciousness to make decisions for lower ones, to transform persons into voiceless things.” – Iris M. Zavala

“Dialogue here is not the threshold to action, it is the action itself.  It is not a means for revealing, for bringing to surface the already-made character of a person; no, in dialogue a person not only shows himself outwardly, but he becomes for the first time that which he is – and, we repeat, not only for others but for himself as well.  To be means to communicate dialogically.  When the dialogue ends, everything ends.”  – Mikhail Bakhtin

“A single voice ends nothing and resolves nothing.  Two voices is the minimum for life, the minimum for existence.” – Mikhail Bakhtin

“In truth, memory does not any longer represent our past for us; it plays with it.” – Henri Bergson

… The truth is that memory does not at all consist in a regression from the present towards the past, but on the contrary in a progression from the past towards the present.” – Henri Bergson

“Knowledge no sooner starts from scratch, by way of a stabilizing objectification, than it will distort the objects.  Knowledge as such, even in a form detached from substance, takes part in tradition as unconscious remembrance; there is no question that we might simply ask without knowing of past things that are preserved in the question and spur it.” – Theodor W. Adorno

Creative understanding does not renounce itself, its own place in time, its own culture; and it forgets nothing.  In order to understand, it is immensely important for the person who understands to be located outside of the object of his or her creative understanding – in time, in space, in culture.” – Mikhail Bakhtin

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