Random Utterances 6

“The symbol gives gives rise to thought.” – Paul Ricoeur

“… if we can no longer live the great symbolisms of the sacred in accordance with original belief in them, we can … aim at a second naïveté in and through criticism.  In short, it is by interpreting that we can hear again.” – Paul Ricoeur

“The language of faith is constituted by metaphora, metaphors are expressed discoveries.” – Eberhard Jüngel

“Commitment in faith and assent by the mind constrained by the imagination are one and the same.”Hans Frei

”Whatever picture of things we may carry about in our heads we are bound to regard as a map of reality.” – George Santayana

“The absolutely greatest thing that can be done for a being, greater than anything one could make it into, is to make it free.” – Søren Kierkergaard

”God lets himself be pushed out of the world on to the cross, he is weak and powerless in the world, and this is precisely, the way, the only way, in which he is with us and helps us.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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