Random Thoughts on a Cloudy Saturday Afternoon

Let's see whether I can get back to a blogging rhythm again 🙂

I suppose I need to learn about how holidays mean holidays. It's quite futile to switch back into working mode after entering into the relaxed zone. But I need to switch to work mode for the purpose of setting in a draft paper. Teaching point to myself: “You are changing as the clock ticks, and the way your mind and body functions is different. So, adapt accordingly and anticipate the future better!”

This leads me to think about how I've slowly come to discover afresh how I work best, and relax best. Some kind of discipline and approach has emerged as far as work in concerned, but I haven't refined the relaxation piece that well. Then there's also how both work and rest relates to each other. I'm soon touching 40. Sometimes I wonder when can I really 'get it'. Just when I think I do, then I realize that someting has changed. Either my surroundings or myself.

At different times and spaces, there's more control. My work space at the university would represent that 'location'. Home is quite a different ball game. There are four highly unique Kit Kids, each with their own needs and personalities, and in combination either in pairs or triads or a quartet, they drive me nuts! Of course, let's not forget the queen of the house, You don't wanna mess with the queen of the house, ROFL!

Then there's the difference between times when they are awake, and the solitude available when everyone is asleep. And of course, since moving to this 'new' apartment, even if the size is the same, the set up is vastly different so that's another 'physical' adjustment. In many ways, I think we underestimate how much our physical environment affects us. We are very much 'material' beings, and while some times it works, just sticking ear phones with mucis doesn't work all the time to send me to an 'ideal' state of consciousness.

Interruptions will always come, both macro – meso – micro. And I've got it by all in the last year plus. No book can provide the detailed solutions to all the pebbles or stones that came my way. It's nice to get a breather. Even for a little while. I do wonder when is the next one coming, but I don't hope for it to come.

Time for dinner, now that's an interruption I don't mind. 🙂

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